The Science of Social Media Algorithms: How They Work and How to Beat Them
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    The Science of Social Media Algorithms: How They Work and How to Beat Them

    June 20, 2023
    By Mayank Rai

    As of October 2021, there were over 4.5 billion internet users, and of them, almost 57 percent used social media. Social media algorithms underpin all social networks. They exist to sift through the massive volume of content that is published every day and show each user the content they will probably interact with.

    Monitoring and managing that is a huge task!

    Algorithms are therefore essential in determining the reliability and positioning of social media accounts and information.

    While attempting to game a social media algorithm is never a good idea, being aware of the important ranking factors could give you an advantage.

    Here, we go!

    What are Social Media Algorithms?

    The way a user will view content on their social media account is determined by mathematical algorithms. The relevance of the published information to a particular user, as determined by user activity, is used to order postings on the feed. Since they want traffic to flow continuously onto their platforms, relevance takes precedence above chronological order.

    This is advantageous for a user who is unaware of it, but it throws content creators a surprise. Social media algorithms automatically take control of figuring out what stuff to show you based on your activity. But, algorithms have the power to make content do the inconceivable, allowing it to spread like wildfire once it is exposed to the correct audience.

    Although this is a useful definition, algorithms are always changing. This calls for experimentation and the modification of marketing techniques by both content producers and marketers to determine what works and what doesn't.

    Types of Social Media Algorithms

    Platform-specific social media algorithms differ. You can therefore divide it up according to social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are the primary social media sites. Here's a glance at each and how it ranks content and users at the moment.


    The key to Facebook's algorithm is active consumer participation. Its goal was to elevate community, family, and friend messages above commercial ones in importance and appeal. It contains four ranking signals:

    Parameters Details
    Facebook connections The majority of the content in your Feed will come from the people and Pages you follow and interact with.
    Content's calibre These broad ranking signals are described as "genuine", "meaningful," "informative," and "correct," by Facebook.
    Content kind More videos are delivered to viewers. More photographs are given to those who interact with them, and so forth.

    How to Beat Facebook Algorithms?

    To beat the algorithm, we suggest that you publish frequently during times when your audience is engaged with them by posing questions, responding to comments, and encouraging "love" above "like" reactions on all of your posts. This will meet Facebook's requirements for fostering relationships and increasing popularity.


    Almost a billion people use Instagram worldwide. Thus, it is valuable to become familiar with the foundational components of this platform's algorithm.

    Instagram has a history of being very open about how its algorithm works. When the following wave of changes is in effect, knowing this is useful.

    According to Instagram, the algorithm for feed postings is currently influenced by main factors:

    Parameters Details
    Timelines It refers to the time when you post the content on your Instagram account.
    Interest: It refers to the people and interest that you have liked and followed in the past.
    Usage It shows how often you use the app. When you use it more regularly, it will show you the best and relevant post.

    How to Beat Instagram Algorithms?

    We advise you to take advantage of Instagram's newest features, such as Reels, and to promote across all of them to increase engagement and interaction with your material. By implementing this method, you may deftly draw audiences from various locations to your content while fostering real connections with your followers.


    LinkedIn is a social media platform that prioritises networking above obtaining subscribers and is regarded as a pioneer in B2B marketing. The majority of Fortune 500 organisations currently use it. Because LinkedIn's algorithm is dependent on connections and interaction, the site must have compelling and relevant material to succeed.

    Parameters Details
    Early engagement Before further disseminating the information, LinkedIn's algorithm analyses early interaction as a secondary quality check.
    Post Quality The initial sorting stage of LinkedIn's algorithm involves marking content as spam, low-quality, or high-quality. Always post high-quality content that can attract audience and build your connections.
    LinkedIn connections. The pages, organisations, and hashtags individuals follow are used to estimating their likely interest in a topic, while closer connections see more of your content.

    How to Beat LinkedIn Algorithms?

    Make the most of your LinkedIn connections if you have a large network by leaving frequent comments, whether they are positive or critical. In this manner, your appearances in people's feeds and notifications are increased. To increase your network and audience, think about experimenting with LinkedIn ads. Consider testing them for your posts to discover which ones work best utilising analytics after observing the hashtags people are using.


    Because posts were prioritised according to the timeline when Twitter first began in 2006, the day and time were given more weight than the content. The Twitter algorithm used today is more sophisticated than that and takes relevance into account alongside posting time.

    Parameters Details
    Recency This directly influences what appears in What's Happening or trending topics.
    Location This will also have an impact on what Trends displays.
    Popularity Right Now Be aware of the level of interaction and activity surrounding this topic, trend, or tweet right now, particularly among your network.

    How to Beat Twitter Algorithms?

    Producing appropriate content, upholding consistency, encouraging engagement (which includes replying to comments on your behalf), and posting during the most productive days and hours are the keys to using Twitter for business efficiently.


    TikTok, one of the more recent arrivals, with 689 million active users monthly across the globe. A rapidly growing social networking site is called TikTok. TikTok's specialised algorithm works so well because it categorises the amusing videos in the "For You" feed.

    Parameters Details
    User interactions It includes shares, videos, likes, and accounts followed in the past.
    Location Content from your local language will be shown more.
    Device and account settings It includes country setting and device type being used.

    How to Beat TikTok Algorithms?

    Research is essential to defeating the TikTok algorithm. Spending time on the app to see what is popular—such as songs, filters, and hashtags—will assist increase interactions. Also, we suggest you make quick, concise movies because the algorithm favours those that are viewed through to the end. By doing so, you'll save time while increasing the likelihood that your video will gain more viewers.

    Are You Ready to Make Your Presence on Social Media Platforms?

    One thing we can learn from this blog's lessons is that interactivity and consistency are crucial if we want to be given preference by the algorithm. This makes sense because you are more successful in achieving the objective of the platform the longer you can keep a user engaged with the app.

    You can greatly expand your reach and promote follower engagement by customising your social media approach for each platform. And using Hovo Digital is the best way to go about it. To assist you in starting your campaign, Our social media marketing company has compiled the top techniques for successfully promoting your company on various internet channels.

    Our committed social media specialist effectively utilizes the potential of each platform, including Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, to generate leads, boost sales, and enhance ROI for your company.

    Contact Hovo Digital & ace social media algorithms today!

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