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    Influencer Marketing

    The dose to boost your online presence!

    Create a solid reputation for your brand

    It allows particular companies to promote their products and services by enlisting the help of social media platform users who have a large following, a solid reputation, and a high level of trust with their target demographic. With today's extraordinary growth of social media, we find that among hundreds of millions of users, a few become highly popular, to the point that they may influence other people's decisions on what to try, buy, or subscribe to.

    HOVO Digital is a leading Influencer Marketing company

    When it comes to screening and selecting influencers, HOVO Digital has a lot of expertise, and they frequently utilise data to determine whether influencers are the greatest fit for a certain business.

    Through an agency marketing expert assessment, we match companies' advertising needs with influencers' promotion competence.

    Our Influencer marketing strategies will be

    Search and Discovery

    We give an integrated search function for locating influencers. Searches may be conducted using parameters that define the influencer and her or his target audience. Searches may be conducted by platform, follower count, influencer demographic information, and influencer audience demographic information.

    Contact and contract management

    We provide each influencer's contact information, companies may connect with them directly, negotiate remuneration, and employ them for a specific campaign. This role also includes dealing with numerous regulatory compliance issues.

    Campaign content management

    We manage ad text and visual creatives, hashtags, mentions, campaign duration, deadlines, giveaway/sweepstakes information, and other ad campaign elements.

    Promotion and amplification of influencer ad content

    We amplify the effect of influencer content for a business using paid social media advertising.

    Analytics and reporting

    We assess the impact of an influencer marketing campaign on a brand's product. Publication confirmation, views, reach, interactions, ROI calculations, real-time analytics, and URL tracking are all included in reports.

    Why choose HOVO Digital

    • Identifying a brand's influencers and content providers
    • Negotiating fees with influencers on a brand's behalf
    • Running ad campaigns and collecting key performance indicators in the process
    • Developing a marketing plan for a company that maximises engagement and audience reach Approving influencer posts with companies prior to publication
    • Providing brands with post-campaign analytics


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