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    How We Helped ROYALGLOBALUNIVERSITY increase its Admissions by 300%.


    Royal Global University is one of the leading universities in North East India that offers 130+ programmes, 250+ facilities and resources.


    Previously, they obtained leads from Google and Facebook. They did notice, however, that many of the leads generated were from people outside of their target market, and they relied heavily on lead buying platforms, which provided them with a lot of junk leads. As a result, many leads failed to convert. The cost of leads was high, and the quality of leads was extremely low. HOVO Digital turned to Directive as a trusted partner to revamp its existing lead generation strategy in order to improve lead quality at a more cost-effective rate.


    1Created The Landing Pages For Ug, Pg And Diploma Courses So As To Generate High-quality Leads & Decrease The Lead Cost Rate.Set Up The Crm To Track The Entire Lead Journey And Analyze Each Lead To Determine Which Leads Are Hot And Which Are Cold
    2We ran preliminary tests to identify any conversion barriers on the website. We devised a month-long strategy to test various things, such as which type of Facebook audiences/creatives will generate high-quality leads, and which type of Google Ads and keywords would generate high-quality leads at an affordable cost.
    3We generated over 2000 leads in a month and then analyzed the data on CRM. In addition, we discovered that leads from Google were of higher quality and had a higher Lead to Application ratio than leads from Facebook. Furthermore, phrase keywords were found to be less expensive than broad keywords.
    4Following an analysis, our team devised a new PPC strategy centered on high-intent keywords in order to increase relevant traffic to the Royal Global University website.We shifted away from high-volume but vague keywords and focused on high-intent and long-tail keywords with meaning. We knew we'd have to sacrifice volume, but it was worth it if it meant attracting qualified web visitors with intent.As predicted, search volume decreased over time, but lead quality significantly improved.

    Online Admission queries increased significantly.

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