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About Padmini VNA

Padmini VNA is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced auto – components

Founded in 1991, the company has been demonstrating a wide range of high efficiency components for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two wheelers, three wheelers and tractor segment, boosting the fuel economy of modern automobiles while maintaining safety and performance standards at the same time. These components include EGR valves, Throttle bodies, Vacuum modulation Valves, Pumps, Solenoid Valves, Electronics and Fuel system products to name a few.

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Environment & Conservation




Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising
the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Padmini VNA has strong focus on sustainable development, we are continuously assessing, monitoring, and reducing
our operational impact on environment. At Padmini VNA we have the commitment not only to deliver products and services
that fulfil and exceeds our costumer’s expectations, but also to contribute to the development of sustainable environment by
conserving resources, protecting environment, and improving social & economic conditions towards a sustainable planet.

Reducing Emission

Padmini VNA is fully committed to become carbon neural (scope 1 & 2) by 2030.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy saved reduces the cost as well as emissions.Enhancing the energy productivity of our processes and increasing the use of energy generated through renewable sources are the two ways in which we achieve conservation.

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Focusing on
Renewable Energy

We are committed to increasing the share of renewable sources in our total energy consumption, for reducing our carbon footprint.

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Water Management

Water is an important and essential commodity for survival of live hood on the earth. Padmini VNA continuously reducing its portable water demand by implementing water saving measure also by reusing treated water.

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Apr 12, 2021

Padmini VNA participated as a supporting partner in ET

Padmini VNA participated as a supporting partner in ET Auto EV Conclave 2021

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Mar 01, 2021

Media Coverage Padmini
VNA Develops Innovative ClearBlade Wiper

The Gurugram-based Padmini VNA Mechatronics has been focusing on expanding

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